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Winter is Coming! Are you Ready to Survive?

Winter Survival

When most people think of “surviving” they envision being stuck on a deserted island, lost during a remote hike or deep in the densest jungle. Do you know what all these imaginary scenarios have in common? That’s right, they are taking place in warm climates, or at least during warmer months. But the real test will come when winter arrives. Are you preparing for the cold, dark days of winter?

Winter survival is very different than doing so during any other time of year. It requires different skills, different supplies, different preparation and a different mindset too. Knowing this is half the battle, and part of the mindset needed, preparing is the other half. It is often too late once the snowflakes start falling.

Preparation is vital to winter survival. Waiting until the temperatures are hovering below zero is a terrible time to find out that you are without adequate clothing, or that your shelter is not up to keeping frigid winds at bay. Use the warmer months to stockpile food, gather fire wood and reinforce your shelter.

Wintering over requires a lot more supplies, and many that are unneeded in warmer months, but in some climates summer and winter are only separated by a few frigid days. Knowing what you need will let you make an informed decision when it comes time to move or hunker down. Here are some examples of what you will need.

1. Warm Clothing

Avoid cotton, choose wool or similar materials that repel water and retain heat even if they do get wet. You should also plan to dress in layers, adjusting for changes in temperature or physical activity.

2. Food

The same crops that were once so plentiful you could not eat enough will soon fade away. Stockpile these crops and store them for later use. Do not forget you will need extra calories to keep warm.

3. Sturdy Shelter

The same lean to or tent you stayed in all summer will probably not work when snow starts falling. You will need to build a sturdy, insulated shelter that keeps weather out, retains heat and protects from snow/rain fall.

4. Fire

You will need the ability to build and maintain a fire, sometimes 24 hrs a day. Make sure you have the skills needed as well as a large supply of fire wood.

5. Water

inding an unfrozen water supply can be the difference between life and death. If you do not have an spring nearby, which usually do not freeze due to being at ground temperature, you will need to either locate another source or be prepared to collect and melt ice/snow.

For more tips on how to conquer winter check out this YouTube video.

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Last modified: August 5, 2022