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Why You Should Include Tampons in Your Survival Kit

Survival Kit

Does your survival kit include tampons? Yes, I said tampons. This little marvel of feminine hygiene has literally dozens of practical uses (besides the obvious intended one) in a survival situation. So, check out this article and then brave the local drug store for a cheap, easily adapted survival tool that may save your life.

We all know what tampons are intended for, but few people understand what they CAN be used for. From the plastic envelope to the string every piece of this inexpensive, compact package has at least one or more uses when SHTF. Plus, you can carry a lot of them without taking up very little space or weight.

1. First Aid

Obviously, the tampon was invented to stop bleeding – but not necessary in the way used today. Early French doctors used the first tampons to plug bullet wounds and that is the first application that can benefit you as well. You can also unfold the cotton material, which is sterile, and use it as a battle dressing or large bandage.

2. Water Filter

There are two ways in which a tampon can be used to filter water. First, you can place a little bit in the smaller of the two hollow tubes and suck water through it – straw and filter combined. Second, you can fill a plastic bottle with water & pack the open top with the same cotton material. Turn the bottle upside down and allow water to drip into clean container. Remember, neither of these methods will treat water- only filter it. Boiling is still necessary to remove bacteria.

3. Fishing

The string can be unwound for line and the plastic packaging can be doubled over & tied off to make a bobber. Plus, a bit of the absorbent can be fluffed and attached to the hook as flash to help attract fish too.

4. Fire Tender

Both the string and the absorbent can be fluffed and used as tender. Either by itself or as a place to catch a spark this can easily assist in starting a lifesaving fire.

5. Candle Wick

What do you have if you combine a little cooking oil and a tampon? An easy to make oil candle, which can be used to light your camp or even start a hard to lit fire. Simply place a small amount of oil in shallow container, place absorbent into oil (with small wick exposed), wait a few minutes for oil to be absorbed and lit.

Remember, survival often comes down to making do and thinking outside the box. For more tips on using tampons in a survival scenario check out this YouTube video.

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Last modified: August 5, 2022