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Why You Should Always Carry a Knife

Pocket Knife

The ultimate survival tool, the one object that every person should have at all times is a knife. Knives can be used to build, to cut, to protect, to start a fire, their utility is limitless and their value is exponential. Carrying a knife at all times infers the tool must be small enough to fit into your wallet. There is no need to reinvent the wheel to make room for a knife on your person. Accept it into your lifestyle and let the knife become a part of your wardrobe.

Practical Knife Uses

1. Cutting rope

Using paracord and other rope in survival and outdoor situations can be life saving. Carrying a tool that can cut and manipulate the rope is a must. Ropes can tie a hammock, hang a bear bag, set a broken bone, even build a shelter. Having the ability to cut rope into different sizes is why it is imperative to always carry a knife.

2. Preparing food

Ever try to fillet a fish, cut a steak, or even chop a potato without a knife? Yeah, you probably gave up after realizing sticks weren’t going to cut it. If you are hungry, having a knife will facilitate your next meal. Properly cleaning game and then cooking it requires the use of a knife. Even vegetables require preparation, some plants are not edible until after cooking. Never forget that eating and cooking is a survival skill and one that needs a knife.

3. Self Defense

A knife is the most practical weapon for self defense in the wilderness. Wild animals and people alike can be stopped in their tracks through the proper use of a knife. You can always use the knife as a weapon against whatever is threatening you but there are better opportunities too. Fashioning tools and other weapons from wood and materials found in the wilderness is only possible with a knife. Sharpen the end of a large stick and keep any large predator at arms reach, tie a sling shot, create a trap, anything that needs building requires a knife. If the situation arises where a knife could save your life, you will be glad for carrying one.

4. Starting a fire

Knives can be the silver bullet when starting fires in the backcountry. Knives can create the small wood shavings and tinder needed to bring a fire from infancy. In wet conditions, a knife can be the only tool in your pack that will help start a fire. Where wood has been soaking for days starting a fire may seem like an impossible task. But using a knife can make it possible to find dry wood. Cutting deep into dead wood can expose layers of dry material. Carving out enough pieces of wood is only possible with a blade in hand. The knife can even be used to create sparks by scraping it against a fire starter like flint or magnesium. Unless you feel like rubbing two sticks together in the rain, carrying a knife is the ultimate fire starting tool.

But not all survival situations take place in the wilderness

Most likely, the majority of your time is spent around other people and in urban settings. Strapping a buck knife to your belt may be socially unacceptable and possibly illegal.The knife you carry needs to be lightweight, packable, and able to be concealed easily.

The Credit Card Knife

The credit card knife is exactly what every person needs to carry on their person, appropriate for both wilderness and urban situations alike. Its small size and laser sharp blade make it the perfect companion. The name comes from the knive’s ability to be folded into a flat rectangle, about the size and width of a credit card. The blade is metal but the rest is made from plastic, extremely durable and lightweight. Very cleverly designed, the handle folds and clips together, making for a very secure grip.

The knives construction lends itself to a myriad of uses both outdoors and in. From cutting boxes to cutting rope, this little tool can do it all. The size and convenience is just as useful as any other blade. The knife is so similar to a credit card that after sliding it into the wallet, it is easy to forget. Functionality, size, and durability make the credit card knife a must have for any survivalist.

Here is a good video reviewing Credit Card Knives and showing how they work:

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Last modified: August 5, 2022