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The Perfect Gun For Your Survival Arsenal – Just Don’t Shoot Your Eye Out

Airgun for survival

Every red-blooded American boy has, at one time or another, dreamed of owning their very own B.B. Gun. Thoughts of running through the backyard, shooting cans and soda bottles as if they were the enemy breaching the gates filled many a boring school day. But, today’s air guns are anything but a toy. They are a vital part of your survival arsenal.

If you want to survive long term during any emergency or world changing event you need a firearm. Whether it is to harvest wild game or protect you & your family a firearm is essential. But not everyone has access to a firearm and sometimes a traditional firearm isn’t quite right for the situation, even if some additional fire power would be welcomed. So, what are you to do? Get an air rifle.

Modern air rifles are not the Daisy or Red Ryder of days gone by, they are a modern firearm capable for far more than ever before. Air rifles are far more accurate and able to shoot at much higher velocities than ever before. This makes the ideal for taking of small game or even self-defense. Some are so powerful they have been used to successfully take down much bigger game than you would believe is possible.

Before you dismiss the idea of having an air powered arsenal consider the following:

  1. Most can be purchased much cheaper, and with far less restrictions, than modern firearms.
  2. Ammunition is cheap, good if you be practicing a lot, and in a pinch can be improvised as well.
  3. They are easy to use, even for a child or uninformed well-meaning beginner.
  4. They are light enough to be easily transports.

Several models of air guns are available ranging from small pistols or specially designed hunting rifles. Some operate on CO2 cartridges or air tanks while others are operated the old fashion way- being pumped by hand. Cost can range from as little as $40 to as much as you are willing to spend.

For survival purposes it is recommend that you select a hand mid-range rifle capable of firing pellets rather than only B.B.s. If possible pick a model that can be fitted with a small scope. This set up with give you a reliable, accurate weapon capable of taking medium sized game. You will not need to worry about stockpiling CO2 cartridges and the scope will add both accuracy and distance.

Still, not convinced? Check out this YouTube video.

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Last modified: August 5, 2022