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Taking a Road Trip? There’s an App For That!

Traveling Apps

Road trips may be a time honored American tradition but that does not mean they can not be made better with the addition of some modern technology. By using the following smartphone apps you can save time and money, and will never miss an adventure. Now the person riding shotgun can be more than just the navigator, they can also handle reservations and diner orders too!

Safety First

One thing you need to keep in mind when using smartphone apps while driving is safety. Not only is using your phone when behind the wheel unsafe, in many jurisdictions it is illegal as well. The safest way to use your smartphone when on a road trip is to bring along a friend to help. If you are flying solo use a hands-free feature such as Apple’s Siri or Android Auto.

Navigating the Highways and Byways


This crowdsource app is more than just maps and directions it is also interactive. Users can add real time info concerning construction, accidents, traffic and even police activity. As you approach the area the app with notify you with icons, change in highway color and allow you to obtain additional information is desired. (Android, IOS and Windows)


This is not simply an app you can use if taking a road trip, it is specifically designed for that purpose. With this app you can plan a route, plan your agenda and get advice from other users. No real plan other than a final destination? Pick from one of the pre-planned itineraries and follow Roadtrippers’ lead. (Android, IOS)

Road Tunes


Traveling through strange locations means someone needs to spend considerable time turning the dial, trying to find a local station playing your favorite tunes. This app lets you listen to over 100,000 radio stations no matter where you are – listen to your hometown favorites or follow a new favorite until you get home. (Android, IOS)


Another music app Spotify allows you to search by musical preference, artist or even song title. You can also build playlists or listen to playlists designed to play additional music of similar taste or even artist favorites. This is the modern version of the road trip hits tape. (Android, IOS)

Deals on the Fly

Gas Buddy

Fuel is a necessary expense when traveling and you are often at the mercy of the near exit stations looking to make money from others in your situation. Gas Buddy lets you check prices as you go, allowing you to better plan your next stop. Because the information is obtained via crowdsourcing info is up to date in high use areas, of course other out of the way areas may lack information. (Android, IOS)


After fuel a nice place to stay is another necessary expense of the road trip. But this does not mean you need to blindly go from hotel to hotel when you’ve reached your limit, hoping to not get gouged. Not only can you search for available rooms by city, zip code or near your current location you can also make reservations on the fly.

These are but a small portion of the many apps available to help you plan and execute your trip.

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Last modified: August 5, 2022