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Skill That Will Help You Survive After Doomsday

Doomsday Skills

Prepping is about preparing for the next disaster, survival is about stay alive after it happens. No matter how much food you stock pile or plans you make there will come a time when action is needed. If you do not have certain skills, you will be a target rather than survivor. See what some of those skills are and how they will make you more valuable than the supplies you have.

Although many people think the best way to survive the next natural disaster, pandemic or wide spread war is isolation very few are capable of sole survival. Based on history and statistics the majority of survivors will be those who band together, share resources & skills and enable each other.

Of course, groups will only tolerate or support those who can contribute to the greater good. No one will be able to do everything, but everyone will need to do something. The skills listed below will not only make you a valuable member of the community, they will place you at the top of the new hierarchy. You will not only be protected by the group, you will also be able to barter your skills for the skills or supplies others may possess that you do not.

1. Farmer

Stock piles will eventually spoil or run low, meaning the group will be a new source of nourishment. When this happens, farmers will once again rise to the top in terms of importance. Knowing how to grow, harvest and preserve food will be a skill not everyone possesses, and for those that do, worth its weight in good.

2. Hunter/Tracker

As with the farmer, the hunter/tracker will be invaluable in provided much needed food for the community. Likewise, hunters will also be called upon to protect the community from wild animals who are also trying to survive in a changing environment.

3. Ham Radio Operator

Communications as we know them will likely cease to exist. Cellphone will stop working, landlines & telegraphs will fail due to disrepair and computers will be nothing more than giant paper weights. Post-disaster communications will likely rely on direct face to face conversation or ham radio networks. Very few people possess the skills needed to build, maintain and operate a ham radio so those who do will quickly become very important.

4. Advanced Medicine

Many will know basic first aid, that necessary to treat minor wounds or injuries, but few will have the knowledge needed to address more advanced medical problems. In the past the local doctor was revered, and with good reason. There is no reason to believe that this will be any different in future times of need. Knowing how to stitch a deep wound, treat a knife or gunshot injury and even how to harvest and apply natural remedies will be a highly sought-after skill set.

5. Warrior

Like it or not the post-disaster world will not be pretty. There will likely be more people than supplies and that means some will look for the easy way out-taking instead of gathering or building. Eventually every group will face conflict, and this means they will need at least a small population capable of defending the larger group and even attacking enemies when necessary. Have the skills to do so, as well as the willingness to do so, will make you the one others look to for their survival when the time comes. In the mean time you will be able to do barter that future “what if” for the supplies, equipment and assistance from others needed for your own long-term survival.

You may not possess any post disaster marketable skills now, but that doesn’t mean you can not learn. Learning one of these skills, or another you believe will become equally valuable, should be every bit as important as collecting canned goods or hiding caches.

For more ideas about what skills can make you a commodities rather than a statistic check out this YouTube video.

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Last modified: August 5, 2022