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RV Etiquette: Unspoken Rules of the Campground

Campground Etiquette

Rving may seem like a carefree, follow you’re owns rules lifestyle but if you spend any of your time in a campground there is an established etiquette everyone is expected to adhere to.

The problem new RVers often face is the fact that these “rules” are not written down.

The good news is most are common sense and involve simply treating your fellow campers the way you probably wish they would treat you. But no worries, we’re going to help you out by listing some of the most common rules for campground etiquette.

Setting up camp

Try to arrive at your site early enough to set up without disturbing fellow campers.

Naturally, there are times when travelers encounter delays and late arrivals are sometimes expected when this happens try to limit late night set up to the minimum needed to stay the night. Follow up by making final arrangements the following morning after other campers are awake and doing their own thing as well.

It is also important to stay within the boundaries of your assigned campsite.

Many campgrounds provide nearly identical sites for each user with hooks ups, fire pits, picnic areas etc. However, some premium sites are available and include additional amenities or extra space and those who selected these sites paid extra for the privileges.

Do not intrude on neighboring sites or take advantage of extras you did not pay for, after all, you wouldn’t appreciate having it happen to you if the roles were reversed.

Keep site tidy

Maintaining a neat, clean campsite is about more than appearance.

Sure, none of your neighbors want to look at trash lying around while they are enjoying a holiday away but it is also a matter of everyone’s safety. Wild animals and pests are attracted to food and trash left in the open. Raccoons, mice and even bears will be drawn to the area by an easy food source and once they arrive are very hard to get rid of.

Plus, even without the fear of animals, trash and rotting food will soon smell and become unpleasant for everyone in the vicinity. Make sure you keep your site tidy and dispose of trash in the appropriate receptacle.

Avoid taking shortcuts

The campground is laid out like a little town with each campsite representing homes, the area around the yard and streets & pathways for public travel.

When moving about the campground and traveling to public areas such as the store or swimming pool avoid the temptation to take shortcuts outside the designated pathways.

Such shortcuts will eventually lead you through someone else’s home or yard – an invasion of their peace and privacy.

Do not forget that this rule also applies to children and pets as well.

Make sure that children are aware of the rules when playing or riding their bikes so they do not accidentally cross through other’s sites.

Although many campsites welcome pets and having them along allow the whole family to enjoy their company not everyone you met will be an animal lover.

It is important to ensure your pets are contained, leashed or under your immediate control at all times.

Get to know your neighbors

Not all campground etiquette is about what not to do. One of the biggest unwritten rules is “be social, get to know the other campers.”

One of the reasons RVers gather at campgrounds is because they enjoy the company of others who share their love of traveling.

While is okay to enjoy some personal time or time with the family it is also part of the experience to meet those around you.

Introduce yourself and say “hello”. If the opportunity presents itself invite neighbors to enjoy your campfire or admire your rig, most will return the favor in kind. You never know who you will meet when you are camping or what they will teach you about being on the road!

For more information on campground etiquette and how not to be “that guy” check out this Youtube video.

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Last modified: August 5, 2022