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Don’t Bug Me! Hack & Tips to Keep Insects from Ruining Your Camping Trip


Mosquitoes! Although most of us understand their important place in the ecosystem few of us enjoy them buzzing around the campsite. Even if they are not using us as a source of food, the constant buzzing can be a serious downer around the campfire. Check out some of these tried and true hacks to help keep these pests from bugging you.

Mosquito trap

Many people have mosquito traps in their backyards but allow themselves to be at the mercy of these flying pests when camping. Here is a homemade mosquito trap you can make for your campsite as well.

What you will need: 2-liter plastic bottle, 1 cup water, ¼ cup brown sugar & 1-gram yeast.


Heat water & stir in brown sugar until dissolves. Let cool

Cut bottle in half, turn top portion upside down and insert into bottom portion. Tape seam to seal. Cover bottle with white or black construction paper (both colors attract mosquitoes).

Add sugar mixture to bottle, add yeast.

Set bottle in area away from main campsite. It will attract mosquitoes, which will enter bottle and find it difficult to escape.

Fire and Sage

Your campfire is already on of the best defenses against insects, many species do not like the smoke it produces. But you can take this to the next level by burning sage – a natural insect repellent.

Simply tie small bundles of sage with yarn or string and throw into campfire from time to time. Enjoy the smell and bug free evening.

Go Tropical

Have you ever wondered why many sun screens smell like coconut? Most people assume it has to do with making the user think of the tropics, but it’s really because many insects, including mosquitoes, dislike the smell of the coconut. By wearing coconut scented sun screen, you can get two levels of protection for you skin – from the sun and bugs.

Duct tape door mat

There is no doubt there are 100’s of uses for duct tape, including when you are camping, but did you know it can keep bugs out of your RV as well? Ants are very adapted at gaining entry into your RV and one way they do so if climbing power cords and using small openings as their own personal doorway. By wrapping duct tape inside out (with sticky side showing) around the cords near the plug you can create an ant trap, stopping them before they get inside

Make lemon itch aids

Of course, none of these tips are 100 percent effective so what do you do when you do get a bug bite? How can you relieve the itch without chemical, pastes or medicines? Use a lemon. Cut a thin slice of lemon, place it on the bite and before long the itch is gone!

For more useful tips and hacks you can use to protect yourself from pests while camping check out this You Tube video.

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Last modified: August 6, 2022