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Camp Kitchen Hacks: Fun, Hassle-Free, and Tasty Eats Off the Grid

Camp Kitchen Hacks

Camping is about having fun and there is nothing more fun than good food around the campfire. But preparing and cleaning up after camp cooking, not to mention carrying all the food in, can be time consuming and drain the fun fast. Hopefully these tips will help you avoid a weekend of hotdogs and PB&J.

Bottled Eggs

Few meals taste as good as fresh eggs over the campfire, however, anyone who has ever tried to carry a carton of eggs on a hike will soon opt for granola. Even if you are camping the carton takes up a lot of space in a cooler. Solve both these problem with eggs in a bottle. Crack you eggs at home, dump them into a plastic bottle and screw the top on tight. Spill proof egg storage that takes up very little space. If you like scrambled just shake the bottle and pour.

Bag of Pancake

Speaking of traditional camping breakfasts how many of you enjoy hot cakes off the cast iron grill? Chance are you love the flavor but hate packing all the ingredients – milk, egg, flour/powdered mix etc. Easy solution is to fill zip lock bags with premade batter and throw in the cooler. Even though you are using valuable cooler space it is far less than needed for the individual ingredients. When it is time to cook snip a corner off the bag for a handy dispenser- saves on dirty utensils too!

S’more Cones

S’mores are a camping tradition and here is an easy, fun way to bump your s’mores to the next level. Start by stuffing a waffle ice cream cone with mini marshmallows, chocolate chips and even fresh fruit. Wrap cones in tin foil and place in the fire. After a few minutes open foil and you have a tasty treat in a handy edible container. Like many of the other tips these cones can be premade prior to leaving home.

Condiments anyone?

Packing your favorite condiments usually means taking a lot more ketchup, mustard etc. than you really need – any having to pack it out later. Avoid the wasted space by stocking up on fast food restaurant condiments prior to the trip and taking those along instead. Each pack in tiny and offers an individual serving, plus once you are done the minimal trash takes up very little space.

Spice it up

Spice container, like condiments, take up valuable space and run the risk of spilling when on the move. This means many campers leave the favorite flavors at home and opt to bland because it is easy. But if you are looking for any easy way to bring tons of flavor along in a small, spill proof container just pick up a carton of straws. Cut the straws into sections large enough to hold an individual serving, fill with your favorite spice and melt the ends closed.

Trees full of dishes

Dishes take up a lot of space around the table, which is often too small to begin with. Free up space and keep the dishes out of the dirt by turning to the trees. Dishes, cups and utensils can be placed in a mess bag and hung from a tree. Pots, pans and other items with a handle and be attached to hooks or carabiners and hung from a bungee cord wrapped around the same tree.

Other adventures have come of with dozens of additional camp kitchen hacks, check out this You Tube video for more ingenious ideas.

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Last modified: August 5, 2022