Month: February 2022


Survival Bracelets: Are They Enough to get you out of a jam or Just Tactical Jewelry

We have all seen the survival bracelets- made from paracord and have all types of “survival” gear stored inside. Some models even have a whistle or compass mounted to the clip and I have even seen them containing a hidden knife. While they are very popular and advertise their ability to let you carry a …...

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Prepping, Survival

Get Home Bag: What you need when stranded

Any serious prepper has a Bug Out Bag, that single bag that holds only the essentials that your will grab if forced to leave in a hurry. This bag is usually designed for use during evacuations or times of civil unrest. The contents of these bug out bags are usually set up to allow you …...

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Bushcraft, Camping, Hunting, Prepping, Survival

Why You Should Always Carry a Knife

The ultimate survival tool, the one object that every person should have at all times is a knife. Knives can be used to build, to cut, to protect, to start a fire, their utility is limitless and their value is exponential. Carrying a knife at all times infers the tool must be small enough to …...

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5 Winter Kayaking Tips to Stay Warm in Cold Weather

Chances are a good number of you found a new kayak under the tree this holiday season. If so, you are probably chomping at the bit for spring to arrive, so you can try out your new toy. But why wait? As long as there is open water you can still enjoy paddling – IF …...

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