Month: January 2022


Selecting The Perfect Kayak Paddle For You!

Picking out a kayak is only one part of getting on the water. After finding the perfect kayak, the one that fits your needs, you also need to select the right paddle. Many beginners think that “a paddle is a paddle” but not every paddle is built the same, nor does each perform equally. You …...

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Adventure, Interesting

Travel Essentials: Must Pack Items for Your Next Road Trip

“Get your motor runnin’. Head out on the highway, looking for adventure” Steppenwolf hit a nerve with their hit Born to Be Wild, which has since become an anthem for the ever-popular road trip. From graduating seniors looking for their first taste of freedom to those same adventurers 30 years later looking to rediscover their...

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Taking a Road Trip? There’s an App For That!

Road trips may be a time honored American tradition but that does not mean they can not be made better with the addition of some modern technology. By using the following smartphone apps you can save time and money, and will never miss an adventure. Now the person riding shotgun can be more than just …...

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Size Matters: The Importance of Your Vehicles Weight Limits

Sometimes it seems like you never have enough stuff or enough places to put it, but it is important to remember your RV does have its limits. You need to understand what your vehicle’s weight limits are and never exceed them. Exceeding these limits is not only illegal but dangerous as well, overloading in one …...

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Winter is Coming: Is Your RV Ready?

If you have a vacation home or spare vehicle which will be spending winter idle you know it is vital they be winterized. Failure to do so can lead to frozen water lines and costly repairs come summer. Well, your RV’s winterization is just as important. You could take it to the dealer or service …...

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