Hotwired! Better RVing Through Technology

Today’s RVers have a significant advantage over their predecessors – technology. Everything from GPS that help you find your way to outdoor televisions for entertaining your friends was unheard of only a few years ago but commonplace in most parks today. But which gadgets should you have on your wish list? Let us help you with five modern tools we think will make your RVing more enjoyable and simpler at the same time.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System

If you have ever experienced a middle of nowhere blow out, or arrived at your campsite and realized hours of driving on a low tire means hundreds of dollars in replacement costs you know how quickly it can derail a trip. So what can you do to prevent future tire problems? A tire pressure monitoring system is the answer. If your rig did not come equipped with a TPMS, do not worry there are several quality aftermarket models available, most of which are easy to install and with a little practice easy to use. We would recommend a wireless model that monitors both pressure and temperature. If you use a tow behind, do not forget to select one capable of tracking this vehicle as well.

Remote Leveling System

Making sure your unit is level for the night is about more than just comfort, it is also a matter of safety. Leveling jacks and ramps have faithfully served RVers for decades, but they can be cumbersome and time consuming to use. Thanks to technology there is now another option- hydraulic leveling systems. With the push of a button, you can level your entire unit faster than it would take to install a single jack. Plus, they are strong enough to lift your unit for an emergency tire change should the need arise.

Back Up Cameras & Monitors

Sometimes even the most experienced driver can find themselves in a tight space, faced with fitting into a nearly impossible space while the entire world watches. Where you might have once looked for another park further down the road, you can now turn to cameras, and a dash-mounted monitor to help you look like a pro. If you select a wireless model installation is an almost hassle-free DIY project accomplished with minimal skills or tools. Some systems can also be used as a security system as well.

Mobile Phone Boosters

Modern travelers depend on their mobile devices for almost everything. GPS, communications, email and even park bookings are all done while on the move. Of course, this only works if you have sufficient signal to use your devices, otherwise they are fancy paperweights. While you may not be able to convince your provider to add additional towers adding a mobile phone booster to your RV can help ensure you have a usable signal as often as possible.

Hard-Wired Surge Protectors

If you are going to go high tech, you will need to ensure a dependable power supply. Many first timers think that getting electricity is as easy as plugging into the park’s shore power and although this how you will usually get power that doesn’t mean it is always dependable. Shore power is only as reliable as the system you are hooked to, and poor upkeep or even a faulty power grid can result in power surges, which can damage your electronics in the blink of an eye. The best way to protect against costly damage is a hard-wired surge protector. This add-on will monitor the incoming voltage and automatically disconnect if a high or low fluctuation is detected.

For more gadget ideas check out what one user has done to his personal mobile condo in this YouTube video:

Updated: November 8, 2017 — 1:44 am
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