Coyote Hunting Tips for Beginners

The cartoons may make Wily E Coyote out to be an bumbling fool who never out wits the Road Runner, but that is not the real coyote. In real life these wild cousins of the domestic dog are every bit as smart and even harder to fool. Bagging one of these canine predators will earn you title of Top Hunter.

There is very little about coyote hunting that can be called easy. They are smart, being predators it is just as likely they are hunting you as you them. They are elusive, meaning they will move in the shadows and sneak through an area without you ever seeing them.

They also have extremely keen eyesight, meaning they will see everything you do and every mistake you make. If you want to beat them you need to learn how to beat their senses and outwit their brain.

1. Camouflage is a must.

Due to their keen eyesight, which is far better than yours, you need to minimize movement as much as possible and hide what cant be stopped.

Remember, camouflage does not always mean the latest in greens, browns and black.

Depending on the season in which you are hunting it may include all white, tan or any other combination that matches the local surroundings.

2. Don’t try to bring them to you, go to them.

Calls and decoys can work, and they have a place in coyote hunting but you can make it easier on yourself by going to where they want to be rather than bringing them to you.

Focus on hedgerows, swamps, the edges of grain fields and anywhere else that can hold birds, mice, rabbits or any other potential source of food.

3. Make it as tempting and comfortable as possible for a coyote to come in to range.

By using good camouflage, minimizing movement, placing decoys or calls if needed and eliminating any warning scent you will make the coyote think they control the situation.

Remember, they are predators and will not knowing walk into danger.

They will also survey a scene prior to entering. But once they feel comfortable their place at the top of the food chain means they will move in fast.

4. Be able to hit and take down when you shoot.

Your deer rifle will do it, but it is not ideal. In open terrain most hunters prefer a fast, flat shooting .223. When hunting thick cover or at close range a 12-gauge outfitted with a tight patterning choke will do the trick.

Once you have successfully taken your first coyote you will never look at them the same again. You will be hooked forever.

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Updated: June 9, 2018 — 12:12 am
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