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Getting Your RV Ready for Summer

In a previous post we discussed winterizing your RV and provided some easy to follow DIY steps as well. Now we would like to help you reverse the process.

After sitting idle in winter storage your RV needs to be “de-winterized” before you can hit the open road. Although the process is not as complex as winter preparations it is just as important.

Flush and Fill Water System

As winter approached you flushed the plumbing with anti-freeze, now you need to remove that and make the water potable again.

1. Remove water heater bypass and reconnect heater.

2. Fill storage tank(s), be sure to open each faucet until water flows in a steady fashion to remove all air from the system. Do not forget to flush the toilet and run shower as well.

3. Pour 1 gal of bleach directly into storage tank and run each faucet again until bleach can be smelled. This insures bleach has reached all parts of plumbing.

4. Let system sit overnight.

5. Drain and flush until bleach is no longer smelled.

Liquid Propane Appliances

If you have propane appliances it is a matter of your personal safety to make sure each is checked and shown to be running properly. If there are any questions concerning the condition of a propane appliance contact a service provider.

1. Make sure all LP appliances are turned off.

2. Make sure leak detector is on, with a fresh battery and working properly.

3. Open valves on LP tank(s) and check for leaks.

4. Turn on range top burner and light it. Once that is working properly you may then light each appliance one at a time. DO NOT light water heater until it is full of water.

5. This is a good time to clean each of your appliances as well.

Waste System

1. Inspect waste valves by opening and closing each several times making sure they open and close completely. If any valves stick try to lubricate before replacing.

2. Inspect waste hose for cracks or other damage. Hook to tank and check seal.

3. A good time to perform this inspection is when flushing water system as you can allow some of this clean water to run through waste system and check for unseen leaks.


1. Check for water leaks- inspect all windows, doors, vents etc. for cracks or missing seals.

2. Inspect tires for cracks, wear, pressure etc.

3. Inspect batteries – check fluid levels, cleanliness, corrosion etc. Do not forget to inspect connections and wiring as well.

4. Roll out awning and inspect for cleanliness and damage.

For additional tips on preparing your RV for the first trip of the season check out this YouTube video. © 2019 - Fuel The Outdoorsman