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Don’t Forget the Little Things: Items Everyone Will Want, but Few Will Have

For the majority of survivalist preparing for the end of the world, the next apocalypse or a pandemic means hoarding supplies. Basements, shelters and hidden bunkers are packed with food & water, fuel for generators and a laundry list of other items everyone will need. But is this enough? What are you overlooking?

The problem with preparing for the end is none of us have ever experienced it so we do not know exactly what will, or will not, be available or in demand. While it is easy to predict the need for food, water, fuel or medical supplies you need to ask yourself “what am I missing?” Regardless of what you may think, no matter how much planning you have done that are items you have missed. This is partly because one person can not remember everything and partly because you are bound to overlook what are considered trivial now but will be worth their weight in gold after a disaster.

1. Medications

A host of medications, both over the counter and prescription, will be in very high demand by those looking to treat injuries, with pre-existing conditions or warding off post-disaster epidemics. Naturally, antibiotics and similar life saving substances will be near the top of the list but do not forget those designed to treat long term illness (i.e. blood pressure, cholesterol etc.) and pain killers.

2. Personal Hygiene Items

Think about it, a world without electricity or running water will mean keeping clean will become a very personal issue – but one with far reaching consequences. A lack of hygiene will be more than uncomfortable, it could also be a health risk. This means that soap, feminine products, toothbrush & toothpaste (remember, no dentist to run to) and even skin cream will suddenly become very important. If you doubt me answer this question – What would you do for the last roll of toilet paper on Earth?

3. Tools

After a disaster, when the world is in survival mode, everyone will need to become a DIYer. Whether it is fixing a roof, rewiring a water pump or building a root cellar the people who last the longest will be the DIYers, but they will need more than knowledge they will also needs tools. This means that you should be adding hand tools to your prepping supplies, possibly along side instructions needed to complete some of the most common issues. By the way, duct tape, baling wire and string may sound like ingredients for a bad redneck joke but they will be take on a second life in your tools box later.

4. Alcohol

Whether used to disinfect wounds, cook with, drink when water is contaminated or relieve your worries there will be a host of reasons survivors will want alcohol. But this is one of things that some will do anything to have, while others will be able to take it or leave it. This means the latter have a great advantage AND face the possibility of being able to trade alcohol for anything they might need.

5. Batteries / Power Supplies

We all imagine a world without any modern conveniences, being thrown back to the pre-industrial period without lights, electricity or any power operated appliances or devices. While this may be the case for short term or in isolated locations, it is unlikely to last for an extended period. The bottom line is everyone depends on electronics and finding alternative power sources will be a primary mission. Generators will fill that bill for the at home items, but only until fuel runs out. This means that batteries, solar chargers and similar power sources will be more valuable than the items they are needed to power.

For more examples of items you may need without even knowing it check out this YouTube video. © 2019 - Fuel The Outdoorsman