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FIRE! Hacks to Help You Start a Blaze NO MATTER the Conditions

One of the first skills the successful outdoorsman needs to learn is how to start a fire.

Sure, it is cool to use a bow & staff to generate the heat you need to start your campfire, but sometimes it is important to just get flame rather than impress your friends. Plus, it is more about having a fire than how you do it.

So, with that in mind let us help you with some hacks that will have you toasting marshmallows and cooking flapjacks in no time.

TP Fire Starters

The key to starting a roaring campfire is using the right tinder, something that will light easily and burn hot enough to start the kindling. One of the best tinder is something almost every home has an abundance of – dryer lint. It is light, starts with just a spark and burns super hot. The only problem is it burn too fast. But you can solve that with these easy to make TP fire starters.

  • First, you need some toilet paper rolls, or paper towel rolls cut into similar sized sections.
  • Next, stuff the rolls with dryer lint.
  • Finally, wrap the stuffed rolls in newspaper & tuck the ends to keep secure.

When it is time to start your fire light the newspaper and the lint and roll will burn long enough to catch the kindling.

Bathroom Fire Starters

Toilet paper rolls are not the only thing you can find in the bathroom that can be used to make DIY fire starters, a little Vaseline and some cotton balls work well too.

Take a small scoop of Vaseline or similar petroleum jelly, coat cotton ball with jelly leaving a small corner clean (this is for lighting later). Store jelly coated balls in plastic bag or old mint tin. When it is time to start a fire place a few cotton balls under the kindling, light the clean corner and get ready to cook.

Handy Emergency Fire Starter

If you find yourself having a difficult time starting your fire but forgot to bring some of your DIY fire starters do not fret, you may have the solution at hand and not even know it. Many common chemicals are flammable, and people do not realize it. One such chemical is the alcohol found in hand sanitizer.

Just squirt a little puddle of hand sanitizer on the kindling, light and slowly add more kindling as the fire grows. Plus, you will find clean up easy too!

Natural sources work too

Ok, so you feel like bringing fire starters from home is cheating. You want to experience the great outdoors at the most basic level, but still need an easy to use (and find) natural fire starter. The answer – pine cones.

Pine is not a recommended wood for burning in campfires. The natural saps are messy, and the fire tends to burn cooler than those constructed from hardwood. But the pine cones are another story.

A few dry, mature (those where the cone is opened or flared) pine cones contain the same sap as the trees they fell from which can burn like wax. This makes these seed pods one of the best natural fire starters around.

There dozens of ways you can make DIY fire starters and just as many tricks for starting fire with natural materials. For more tips on getting your campfire warm and toasting in no time at all check out this You Tube video. © 2019 - Fuel The Outdoorsman